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What makes Maggie Rose Clothing unique?

I started making children's clothes a few years ago and now my youngest has reached the grand age of 5 years old, I am now looking to further my small business. I used to have a shop and I loved having a shop, being able to make the clothes I liked and sell them amongst some other really beautiful handmade crafts. Since we moved to Somerset, I no longer have a shop and have decided to sell my clothes from home and hence created my website.

My problem behind it was being able to advertise/market the clothes that I make bearing in mind they are all individually made by myself at home and not each one is the same! This is the tricky bit. So, I thought long and hard about how to go about doing this and my best solution is to let my customers know that they get to choose the fabric, the motif, the size etc... then once they've sent me their order I will get busy sewing it. Thus enabling customers to have a real unique piece of clothing customised to their taste.

I thrive on choosing different fabrics and mix matching them up - different bows, hems, buttons all unique in their own way. I want to be able to provide a service that my customers appreciate and enjoy, a service that is a little more interesting and keeps me, as a seamstress, interested as well.

Happy browsing and I hope you find something that you might like in my new Autumn 2019 Collection - don't forget to message me any specifics.

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