A bit about me....

I started making children’s clothes over 10 years ago for my daughters (Rose and Maggie) and realised how much I enjoyed it.  Urged on by my friends and family, I held a charity Christmas Fair at my house and since then my love and enthusiasm for different fabrics and creating children’s clothes has blossomed. I continued to do local Fairs and then opened a shop, along with some lovely friends, in Usk, Monmouthshire we named it 'Made in Usk'.  The shop was a lot of work but a great success and more importantly great fun. We then moved to Somerset with my husband's work  and I gave up sewing for a bit, had another baby and now that the children are all a little older I've been able to take up sewing again and further my small sewing business of 'Maggie Rose Clothing'.


I hope you enjoy the originality of the products I make.  I love mix matching different fabrics for my clothes which is another reason why each one is so different, if you have any queries about the mix match of different materials – please email me, I am happy to mix them up! All the fabrics I use are carefully sourced and OEKO-TEX 100/1 certified. I make all my children's clothes from home in Somerset. Each item varies in style slightly, be it buttons or linings or motifs ensuring originality in each piece.

I am excited about what the future will bring and the new collections that I will be creating and putting onto my website. 

Thank you again for taking the time to look at my website, I do hope you enjoy having a little look into the world of Maggie Rose.

Leni xx